Heidelberg Castle Illuminations

Heidelberg Castle Illuminations


The Heidelberg Castle Illuminations is a magnificent firework show that is put on three times a year. The first fireworks, which were naturally a very simple affair, took place in June 1815 when the Austrian Emperor, the Czar and many other representatives of the high nobility were staying in Heidelberg for a number of weeks on the occasion of the "Holy Alliance" against Napoleon


In 1830 it was once again the presence of noble guests that led to a further firework show at the castle. This time, the Emperor of Austria, the Czar and the King of Prussia were in Heidelberg.


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The first Heidelberg Castle Illuminations in 2018





The first Heidelberg Castle Illuminations in 2019


Nowadays, the Castle Illuminations take place three times a year to commemorate the destruction of Heidelberg and its castle by French troops during the War of the Palatinate Succession.


The castle is symbolically set alight. 50 fire brigade volunteers ignite Bengal fires that bathe the castle in a mysterious red light so that it appears as if the castle is on fire.



Heidelberg Castle Illuminations




Firework dates for 2019:


Saturday, 1 June 2019


Saturday, 13 July 2019


Saturday, 7 September 2019



On each occasion, the illuminations start at 22.15h


The roads by the river will be closed off as of 21.00h.


Of course, watching the fireworks doesn't cost anything! But it's a good idea to get there early to find a good spot to see them from.


The best places to stand are down the Neckar River from the old bridge or on the Philosophers' Walk. The actual illumination of the castle, the so-called Bengal Fire with which the castle is symbolically set on fire, can only be seen from the opposite bank of the river in Neuenheim or from the Philosophers' Walk.



Heidelberg Castle Illuminations




From 21.00h to 23.00h it's not possible to drive along both roads next to the Neckar River as they are closed to vehicles because of the huge crowds of people who are there to see the fireworks.


During the last Heidelberg Castle Illuminations in 2009, stands selling drinks and wurst were set up for the first time along the river bank in Neuenheim. Alternatively it's a good idea to bring something to eat and drink oneself. If you want to take photos, then it's also a good idea to have a steady tripod with you.




Heidelberg Castle Illuminations




The actual fireworks on the Old Bridge don't start until the Bengal Fire has gone out. The castle itself, that is being symbolically destroyed, remains in darkness until the end of the fireworks.


Three traditional families of pyrotechnicians carry out the Castle Illuminations in turn and try out something new each time so that even regular visitors never get tired of the spectacle.



Heidelberg Castle Illuminations




If you can plan your visit to Heidelberg so that you can also see the Castle Illuminations then you will take the experience of this unforgettable highlight of the season home with you.


Heidelberg Castle Illuminations



Perhaps you'll be successful in taking some good photos of the Heidelberg Castle Illuminations. These ones were taken with a Pentax reflex camera, positioned on a stable tripod despite a pre-set ISO 1600


Heidelberg Castle Illuminations



The following Heidelberg Castle Illuminations have been recorded at www.heidelberg-photo.com:


Heidelberg Castle Illuminations of 1 September 2007


Heidelberg Castle Illuminations of 7 June 2008


Heidelberg Castle Illuminations of 12 July 2008


Heidelberg Castle Illuminations of 6 June 2009.


Here are only the highlights of these firework shows that lasted roughly half-an-hour.


Heidelberg Castle Illuminations



The last Castle Illuminations in 2009 were particularly special because they took place against the backdrop of a full moon. That is why the photos on this website are arranged chronologically: you will get a good impression of the true beauty and dimensions of the Heidelberg Castle Illuminations.


Heidelberg Castle Illuminations of 5 September 2009





Heidelberg Castle Illuminations







As a visitor to Heidelberg in 1878, Mark Twain described the fireworks in this way:


"The towers continued to spout thick columns of rockets aloft, and overhead the sky was radiant with arrowy bolts which clove their way to the zenith, paused, curved gracefully downward, then burst into brilliant fountain-sprays of richly colored sparks."




Heidelberg Castle Illuminations