The Palace Gardens of Schwetzingen









Join me on a walk through the captivating gardens of Schwetzingen Palace.



























The Arboretum in spring-time
















The Minerva Temple











Der Minerva Tempel








The Apollotemple









































The Mosque








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The Palace Park of Schwetzingen is the only one in Europe that still has its original grounds in the Baroque style.








Plan vom Schwetzinger Schlosspark























The disciplined curve of the palace towards the east



Schloss Schwetzingen




begins to relax gradually on both sides of the main axis.






















The east-west axis is concluded towards the west by the English Garden.



















The greenhouses are situated to the south of the main buildings while the part of the garden with the most cherry blossom trees in the world outside Japan lies to the west of the north-south axis.



japanische Kirchbluete im Schlosspark zu Schwetzingen







It is then a wonderful surprise to come upon the mosque.



Moschee, Kirchblüte und Nrcissen  im Schwetzinger Schlosspark








If you walk on across one of the many bridges



Brücke im  im Schwetzinger Schlosspark






you will reach the area of the extensive, charming water garden at the back of the park.




japaniosche Brücke  im Schwetzinger Schlosspark













There you can see the reflection of the mosque in the water







Die Moschee  im Schwetzinger Schlosspark








and then look back at the wonderful view of the palace, about one kilometer away, reflected in the water. In the background you can then see the forested area of the Odenwald where Heidelberg Castle is situated on the slopes above the Neckar River.



Das Schwetzinger Schloss





The Palace Gardens really do offer the most magical of sights.










In early Spring the fragrance of the viburnum wafts through the park.



Schwetzinger Schlossgarten




In the palace gardens of Schwetzingen nature and culture strike up a strange but beautiful symbiosis.













The greenery is constantly being broken up by statues.






















If you walk back through the English Garden north of the main axis in the direction of the palace, you will suddenly come across the Apollo Temple.




Apollo Tempel
















Eine der beiden Spinxen, die im Foto oben drüber von der Rückseite wie Löwen wirken.





Apollo Tempel








Apollo Tempel






North of the Apollo Temple lies the bath house.






Unfortunately one is not allowed to take photographs in the bath house. Next to the bath house is an aviary with a delightful trompe d'oeil effect (optical illusion).








This leads on to the arboretum which offers rare trees the conditions they need to develop and is filled with blooms in Spring.
















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The Japanese cherry blossoms,


Kirschblüte im Schwetzinger Schlossgarten





The mosque in the palace gardens


Die Moschee Schwetzingen-Schlossgarten






The English Garden



Fischreiher im Schwetzinger Schlossgarten







Areal view of the Schwetzingen Palace Garden. This is a link to a different German website.